Verto Mobility can act as a sole partner for attestation services across India, with on the ground support of associates covering around 21 States and 4 Union Territories.

Attestation industry in India is not well regulated and also the processes are not uniform. Non compliance to procedures at the beginning affects the immigration process of the applicant with serious consequence. Working with government authorities can be stressful and time consuming, especially with changes regulations and serious consequences for non compliance. We and our associates will not indulge in any of the non-compliant processes for the attestation. 

Certain countries through their embassies and consulate are particular that the legalization of documents is done only by the competent authority who issued the document along with state home department before the legalization is done by Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassy / Consulate themselves.

We strongly recommend compliance to the process for legalization of documents, as specified by the regulating authorities. This is in view of a stringent regulatory regime and several malpractices and irregularities in the original documents have been uncovered in the course of legalization or post legalization.

It is important to understand the process require frequent interaction with state Secretariats,  Ministry of External Affairs, educational institutions,  local government offices and the Foreign Embassies in India.