Office relocation

Moving offices can be challenging, disrupt operations and involves high costs if not handled with adequate planning and preparation to deal with exceptions and exigencies. Verto mobility office relocation services bangalore understands the challenges of moving offices and provides services that meet customer expectation, every time. Verto mobility corporate relocation services is recognized as an expert relocation service providers by customers.

Our services towards office moving include:

Pre Move Consultation – Verto office relocation services bangalore will actively get involved at early stage of planning the office move, to ensure total alignment with client expectation

Color Coding System is used to clearly identify the location and department of the items to be moved so that the employees do not spend lot of time settling in their new office

Materials - Best quality materials are used by verto mobility corporate relocation services for greater safety of goods moved

Critical & Special Equipment Handlings – IT infrastructure is moved using adequate packing and handling methods, timely and carefully to ensure shortest downtime in operations.

Pre Move Briefing is provided through town hall session to ensure all stakeholders are aligned before the actual move

Dedicated Move Manager - a dedicated move manager assigned to coordinate all aspects of the move from start to finish

Premises Protection - protection of walls, passenger lifts, and corridors is taken care to mitigate risk of damage to premises during the move

Post Move Assistance – Verto mobility corporate relocation services remains available on call and on need basis even after the move is completed, as on-going support

Transit Protection Insurance Cover – specialized transit protection cover is offered through the top underwriters to safeguard against any untoward incident, with assured on time settlement of any claim.