Repatriation, Cancellation of services and resident permit

Before  your  final   departure  from  India,  a foreign passport holder on work permit and holding resident permit will  be  required to  surrender your Residency  Permit  either to FRO in  the place  where you’ve been  registered or place where you  intend to depart India,  or to the Immigration  Officer at the Port/Check point of exit from India.


When leaving the present assignment, finding the right place to disconnect utilities, cancellation of insurance of belongings etc can be very complicated. Our experienced staff can help make this a lot easier, so that you and the transferee can concentrate on the upcoming move and the new assignment.


A typical repatriation / departure services includes:

  • Disconnection of utilities
  • Organization of cleaning service
  • Disconnection of telephones, mobile and landline
  • Coordinate written notice to realtor and/or landlord
  • Mail forwarding
  • Accompanied inventory inspection and deposit refund negotiations
  • Deregistration with FRRO authorities