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Every initiation of destination services will start with a need assessment questionnaire. This helps to ensure the services are delivered within corporate policy guidelines, manage the expectation of the transferee and deliver customer delight.

Our host of Verto real estate services in Bangalore are focused on Home Search in Bangalore ensuring the family moves into the home and settles at the earliest. Extensive database of suitable properties ensure the family can identify quickly their home and move in, saving on time and cost of temporary accommodation.

Verto Mobility’s home search in Bangalore is an accompanied service, where a transferee has constant support of the professional consultant in making the selection. Lease renewal and termination assistance in Bangalore is done by our consultant, using benchmarking tools and standard contract terms.

A property condition report is prepared at the commencement of the tenancy so that the refund of the security deposit is obtained without disputes. Cost savings too can be achieved through proper planning, pre-selection of properties before viewing, lease negotiations, shorter temporary accommodation usage and reduced storage costs of personal effects.

Verto will arrange for all utility connections like Temporary accommodations in Bangalore and move-in assistance. Further, the family is supported with the school search in Bangalore for children, an orientation of the area and on-going tenancy management.