Visa extension

Verto Mobility recommends starting the visa extension process at least 60 days prior to the expiry of your visa. Verto Mobility will assist you in submitting your documentation with the local FRO. Once the extension is secured, your local Verto Mobility office will assist you in getting your passport and FRO booklet endorsed.


Verto mobility will ensure necessary document for extension of existing visas is lodged on time for renewal. A visa status tracker is built to ensure that a reminder is sent to the client as well as the assignee 60 days prior to application date.


Extension of your visas and residence permits will be monitored and completed by Verto Mobility. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you and your approved family members have valid passports during your stay in India. Renewal of travel documents is your responsibility.


Note :

  • The grant of necessary visas and also the duration of such approved visas is at the sole discretion of the Ministry at Delhi


  • The procedures at these Government offices (FRRO/Ministry) are subject to change from time-to-time without prior notice. Verto Mobility will apprise you of these changes as and when announced.