Office Relocation13 Reasons to Hire the Best Office Relocation Company in India

Deciding to shift office locations is done with a lot of thought going into it. While some organizations shift to downsize or scale their operations, others do so for strategic reasons associated with the company. Here are 13 Reasons to Hire the Best Office Relocation Company.

Irrespective of the magnitude of shift, it is stressful for all concerned. The logistics and paraphernalia associated with shifting is simply a maze.

Verto has helped hundreds of organizations, and can help your organization do the same. We have the right people with the know-how to enable the process.

Is your organization looking to shift offices in the upcoming year?

While it is indeed possible to do so without hiring a mover or relocation company, it is definitely better to hire the best office relocation company. Here are 13 reasons why you should absolutely do so.

1. It is Safe:

Hiring an office relocation company is definitely safer for the products in the office, furniture and most importantly the people in the office. More often than not, heavy goods might get damaged in the process. If the objects are oddly shaped or heavy, this might result in people getting injured during the process too. In such a scenario, it is best to leave it to the experts who know the ins and outs of safely transporting your goods without harming people.
13 Reasons to Hire the Best Office Relocation Company

2. It is Exceptionally Efficient

Organizations that conduct relocation on their own end up spending considerable amounts of money and time in moving. On the other hand, a lot of money (in terms of time) can be saved if the services of a professional organization are engaged. In fact, when the organization you engage is Verto, shifts in the same city can be completed within days in most cases, and even within the same day in the case of a small organization.
Best Office Relocation Company

3. It Saves a Lot of Time

Like we mentioned earlier, it saves a lot of time. While it might take us weeks, multiple truck trips and hordes of planning to shift the goods in the office, the experts have the right tools to conduct the process. They will be able to disassemble heavy goods and products and even assemble them. In the large picture, this translates to weeks or at the very least days of saved time.
Best Office Relocation Company

4. Saves Money

We might wrongly believe that moving on our own is inexpensive. When we do that on our own, we tend to either underestimate or overestimate the amount of goods we have, and end up wasting a lot of resources in logistics. Hiring an office relocation company is about 25 to 30% percent cheaper than shifting on your own. Furthermore, these relocation companies will bring the right paraphernalia (cardboard boxes, laminate, tape and so on). They will be able to reuse this for other moves (if anything remains). On the other hand, you will be left with loads of packing material unless you pack exceptionally well.
Best Office Relocation Company

5. Stress Free

Relocation is a very stressful thing and organizations can reduce the stress employees face by hiring the services of a packing company. The services and productivity of the employees can be used in tasks that are of pertinence, rather than focusing on the shift. Furthermore, if the shift is between cities or even countries, the relocation agency will take care of freight and customs handling, which can be a nightmare unless executed by people with experience.


Verto reduces the time and effort you need to but and the stress you undergo by leaps and bounds. With more than 1000+ office moves, we are recognized as the best office relocation company in India.

Best Office Relocation Company

6. Ensures that Office is Running in No Time:

An office relocation company doesn’t merely transport your goods. They do way more than that. They assemble the appliances and furniture that need assembly, help you set up essentials and ensure that your office is running smoothly in no time. If you are doing the same on your own, you might have to run from pillar to post and this will eat up a lot of valuable company resources. Furthermore, they might even provide you with options of services that you never knew existed (or were possible). Verto services is best office relocation company in Bengaluru with PAN India operations, we have executed 1000+ successful office moves and if you are moving your office, Verto will help you relocate end to end.
Best Office Relocation Company

7. Insurance and Claims Processing

What happens if something breaks or is lost during transit during the process of renovation? You will not receive any compensation if you do it on your own. On the other hand, the relocation company will help you file claims and get reimbursement. This offers immense convenience to the organization and the people concerned. Additionally, the process of filing claims, including taking necessary photos etc. will be conducted by the relocation organization!
Best Office Relocation Company

8. Warehousing

Did you know that top relocation companies offer warehousing services as well?

The importance of warehousing can never be undermined. What happens if an organizations new office isn’t ready, or if they need to only effect a partial move? In such a case, having access to a warehouse will be very handy. Furthermore, if the organization deals with hardware products, the warehouse will also serve as a temporary storage facility.

Verto services has best storage facility bangalore for any excess or packages that office space is not willing to dispose but use it future.

Best Office Relocation Company

9. Partial Move:

Most organizations do not want to have a sudden shift and would rather shift in a step by step process. Thankfully, office relocation companies offer their services for partial moves too. If you need temporary services in one place, while the shift is happening, the company will ensure that the shift is smooth. They will help the transition happen in a seamless manner. This will be beneficial for all the stakeholders.
Best Office Relocation Company

10. Reduces Ambiguity:

Some of the common questions members in an organization will have are: How do we pack? What do we pack? And how much packing material will be required?


A good relocation company will have the answers to all these questions and will reduce the amount of ambiguity involved in the process. Furthermore, if the company is affecting multiple shifts between similar locations, owing to the sheer volume, they will be able to better plan and allocate the resources. This will reduce the ambiguity.

11. Add on Services:

In addition to relocation, most companies will offer add-on services. Handyman services for fitting equipment, furniture and setting things in place are offered by the best office relocation companies. This in turn will reduce the time spent on redundant tasks during the move and will help bring about better and more efficient shifting.


Verto offers services that are above and beyond packing and relocation. We offer an entire slew.of corporate services that you can take advantage of.

Best Office Relocation Company

12. Predict and Forecast:

Office relocation companies are masters at predicting the amount of material, manpower, logistics and other costs involved in moving. They will be able to give you an accurate picture of the move even before the move is started. This will help the organization take a call on when they should start the move. For instance, based on the inputs of a relocation company, the organization can choose to defer relocation post the festive season and so on.
Best Office Relocation Company

13. Services by the Best

When we need the services of a doctor, lawyer, or architect, we go to the best as we know that they will represent our cause. The same holds good for relocation companies too. They will ensure that they use their knowledge and expertise to the very best so that you have a safe, efficient and comfortable relocation.
Best Office Relocation Company

When you need the services of the best, remember Verto. We are trusted by countless organizations and deliver impeccable quality every time.

The Bottom Line:

Engaging the services of experts offers immense benefits. Verto has professionals who have years of experience in moving, packing and relocation. Furthermore, we also offer top notch corporate services at competitive rates to enable you to obtain immense value from the services we offer.

We offer you a fair and transparent price for our services. You will also have an exclusive point of contact, who will guide you at every step of the process. Lastly, we offer quality that has been brought about through a lot of trial and error. We will leave no stone unturned.

If you are looking to engage a relocation company, think Verto. Verto’s list of 13 Reasons to Hire the Best Office Relocation Company can help you make a better decision.