Verto packers and movers in Bangalore protects your personal belongings against the possibility of loss or damage is a prudent decision whether you are at home or preparing for relocation. Even though verto mobility management services or relocation services in Bangalore will take every precaution to eliminate risk, you will appreciate that the distance involved, external factors coupled with the rigors of transit, means that loss and/or damage to your personal belongings may occur. Remember, accidents do happen! Trucks turn over. Ocean vessels sink. Steamship containers wash overboard. Airplanes crash. Statistics show that one out of five shipments experience some form of damage/ loss resulting in a claim. Therefore, verto mobility management services and relocation services in Bangalore strongly recommends transit protection to ensure that you are duly compensated for any loss or damage which may occur. It’s important therefore that customers walk through their home and try to determine the cost of replacement at destination, for adequate compensation.

Verto packers and movers in bangalore provides transit protection in association with reputed insurance companies who offer the best possible coverage available and have efficient claim settlement processes in place. Customers are also explained of various policy coverage options, add ons, exclusions, guidance on how replacement value can be estimated and the claim handling process before the purchase of the cover, so that they can make a planned decision. Every customer who insures their shipment will receive a policy cover note issued by the insurance company. Customers are encouraged to read the policy terms.

Transit insurance is needed and worth purchasing. It can not only save you thousands of dollars, but it also provides peace of mind.

Verto mobility management services and relocation services in bangalore has the worldwide network of insurance claim settlers ensure fully assistance to customers throughout the claims process. Our knowledgeable staff works in conjunction with insurance underwriters to process all transit claims on time. When any damaged or missing pieces are noted upon delivery, immediate notification is made to the appropriate claims processing staff and a claim form is immediately provided to the assignee along with the offer of full assistance with the collection of repair or replacement estimates necessary for the claims process.

Verto mobility management services and relocation services in bangalore is formally responsible for settling an insurance claim within 7 days of submission of the documentation and acceptance of the claim by the insurer and customer.

With each claim we encounter, we can fully identify all important performance indicators from the cause and result of a claim and timeliness of settlement, to the individual packing personnel involved with the packing process. This information enables us to focus our training and incentive programs directly in the areas that will result in increased claim free shipments for our customers.