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Over the last 2 decades with India opening up and integrating with the global economy; international and domestic mobility needs have increase manifold. However the number of service providers who could address the growing demand have not kept the pace, resulting in customers having limited choice and the industry remained largely unorganized. Most of the international relocation activities continued to be managed outside India for multinational corporations either at their global or regional head quarters. While this may address their concerns over policy administration and consistency in services delivered, it also created layers of management and additional costs to these companies. Further more and more relocation decision are moving to the individual transferees, who are constantly looking for service provider who can ensure their personal effects reach on time at destination in a safe condition and the moving cost is well within their budgets. Lastly, several large network relocation companies were unable to lower the total relocation spend effectively, as they are required to cover higher overheads required to manage their business.
Verto Mobility was established in 2011 as an independent relocation services company and expanded its network of operations across all major cities in India. The management team is well experience in International Mobility, access to global best practices, understands unique challenges in India and have build their business with lean management and customer centricity as key focus. Through these initiatives,

Verto Mobility:

· has become a mover by choice for many customers, and its business growth through referrals is its reflection.

· has the ability to help corporations reduce their overall relocation spend.

· can provide a private customer a cost effective and assured service delivery.

· offer flexible solutions to meet the customer need.