Getting Settled Means Finding A Suitable Home. Verto Mobility Housing Specialist Will Match Newcomers’ Needs With Available Accommodation, Whether For Lease, Purchase Or Short Term Housing. Housing Need Analysis Is Carried Out As Part Of Pre Arrival Need Analysis Procedure As Well Based On Additional Inputs Received During Preview Trip And Other Interactions. The Home Search Specialist Will Short List And Pre Screen Suitable Properties To Ensure The Home Search Is Done As Per Requirements. The Home Search Specialist Stays With The Transferee Throughout The Entire Process Of Accompanied Viewing, Lease Negotiations, Hand Over And Move In.

Once A Suitable Property Is Identified All Terms And Conditions Of The Lease Including The Rent And Security Deposit Are Negotiated With The Landlord. The Legal Counsel Will Conduct The Due Diligence Of The Property To Establish The Ownership As Well As Legal Authority Of The Person With Whom The Rental Agreement Is Entered.

A Visual Inspection Of The Property Is Conducted For Repairs And Improvements Prior To Move In, Inventory And Property Condition Report Is Prepared And Signed By Both Parties To Avoid Any Disputes During The Rental Period And On Termination Of The Agreement. Utility Connections Required Such As Television Cable, Internet, Gas, Telephone And Electricity Is Ensured And Supported. Verto Mobility Consultant Will Also Coordinate With The Movers The Household Goods Shipment And The Storage Needs If Any. In The End The Employee Settles In The Accommodation Of His/ Her Choice With All Amenities Required And The Employer Gets The Housing Within The Budget With A Single Point Of Contact From Need Assessment To Physical Move In.