Settling in assistance

When you have just arrived in a new country, finding the right place to connect your utilities, insure your belongings, finding your specific needs etc., can be very complicated. Our experienced staff can help make this a lot easier for you, taking this out of your hands.


Some of the services that can be offered on as – needed basis include:


  • Identification of options for doctor, dentist, special medical needs and child day care.
  • Visit to the bank and post office
  • Visit to shopping areas/ food markets
  • Overview of leisure & hobby facilities, rest & recreation options
  • Assistance in obtaining a driver’s license. Though it is recommended for international assignees to avail services of a full time driver, a driver license can come handy for emergencies and week end travel.
  • Assistance with utility connections (telephone, cable, Internet, Gas.)
  • Cleaning Service
  • Assistance with Furniture rentals, Furnishing shops, Car rentals
  • Partner support – including introduction to expatriate networking clubs & support groups
  • Move-in day assistance (coordinate cleaning, handyman services)