Parents Want To Ensure Their Children Receive Top-Quality And Suitable Schooling At Destination. The School Search Program At Verto Mobility Is Designed To Include Briefings, Tours, Setting Up Appointments For Interview And Registration Assistance In Both Local And International Schools.

As With Other Destination Services The School Search Program Is Preceded By A Pre Arrival Needs Analysis. Once A Suitable School Is Identified And The Student Is Accepted By The School, Verto Mobility Consultant Will Assist In Completing The Enrolment Procedure, Co-Ordinate With The Finance Dept. Of The Employer For School Fees Payment.

Verto Mobility’s School Search Process Ensures That The Employee Has A Good And Neutral Recommendation Of International Schools, Select A Suitable School And Complete The Admission Procedures.


  • In depth consultation
  • Detailed Move Planning
  • Detailed destination information


  • Supply of all required packing materials necessary to ensure safe transit of effects
  • Packing at residence by fully trained, professional packers
  • Preparation and completion of necessary documentation including; insurance, customs forms, detail inventory and transportation documents
  • Collection of household goods from residence
  • Crating/ containerization in preparation for delivery to port/ airport
  • Preparation of export documentation and Bill of Lading/ Air Waybill
  • Payment of all freight costs


  • Preparation of all import documentation to ensure customs and quarantine clearances
  • Clearances and payment of port/ airport charges
  • Transportation to the new residence
  • Delivery of good directly to store or residence
  • Unloading, unpacking and placing of personal effects at your residence
  • Clearance of all packing material debris


A room locator system has been developed with the purpose to provide a color-labeling system, which will enhance our operational efficiency and avoid any extra handling of our customer’s household effects. The idea is to have a color and image coordinated labeling system for each area of the customer’s home at origin and destination. This allows our delivery team to quickly and accurately deliver the effects into the customer’s home and to the right room or activity area.


Verto international packers and movers crew supervisors are english-speaking and all packing crew members are regularly trained not only in the art of international packing, lifting and loading, but also how to be a ‘good guest’ in assignee’s homes as well as all aspects of good customer service. On the job training is ongoing at and training courses are designed on a need basis


A prepared packing list will include a numbered inventory; a description of items and any exceptions will be noted at the time of packing. All items will be clearly marked with a number, mode of transportation, client name and destination.
Verto international packers and movers accommodates the packing and loading of goods using a variety of methods such as lift vans, air cartons, ocean containers, and can accommodate any size/container in order to get the goods to their final destination. Absorbmatic bags/poles are also utilized in the ocean containers with long transit to reduce the effects of humidity.

Verto international packers and movers understands that the relocation requirements of global organizations can and often do change dynamically in response to overall business opportunities and challenges. To provide tailored solutions requires a provider not only prepared to react to such change, but also to take the initiative to anticipate shifting priorities and to refine service provision accordingly