Verto mobility logistic company Bangalore is a fine art handling company specializing in packing, transportation, crating, installation, logistics, storage and international customs services. Museums, exhibitors, curators, artists and auction houses wish to present their work and products to audience in India or anywhere in the world. The success of their exhibition, demonstration, presentation, trade fair and fairs depend on efficient, on time and well executed logistics, by Verto mobility logistic company Bangalore.

Verto house shifting service providers is packed carefully confirming to the international standards with the soft packing with special paper and plastic wrappers, carton packing and standard or customer wooden boxes made of pine wood. Fragile and peculiar shaped items require care during handling and packing. Our skilled and dedicated crew can handle any art work irrespective of size, shape, weight or dimension.

Art is transported with alarm secured and air suspended trucks for safe movement over land. Traveling exhibitions within india are handled with proper planning to use suitable modes of transport – air or road considering the time sensitivities, costs and nature of exhibits. Traveling exhibition crates most often include user-friendly systems that allow safe, consistent unpacking and re-packing. A well resolved packaging system can save considerable time, effort and money to the customer.

Transporting fine arts in and out india require careful consideration of customs regulations as well coordination with airlines to confirm to various norms and restrictions that exist. Permits for exportation and importation of artworks need to be obtained on time. Customers will be advised of latest customs regulations and documentation to avoid any challenges at the time of the shipment. With our customs house licensed agent, we are able to ensure prompt and reliable customs clearance.

Verto mobility logistic company bangalore or house shifting service providers work closely with worldwide network of partner who are members of icefat for assured smooth transport and handling throughout all international destinations by air- and sea mode. Icefat is an association of fine art handling specialist companies and is promoting the highest standard in fine art shipping worldwide.

We offer an all India network for handling & transportation of works of art with suitable handling equipment, pallet trucks, forklifts, and dollies and a warehouse facilities, and in house carpentry shop for storing, packing and crating of works of art and offices at new Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. Storage facilities are secured, with CCTV camera and fire protection systems in place.

Fine Art logistics is a unique service that requires thorough planning and timely execution of work. Regular interaction and adapting to the special needs of our customers is our service approach. Our quality service for packing and crating and transportation of exhibits, artworks and paintings are assured of competitive rates and on time delivery.